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Is a registered Czech Non Profit Organization IC: 22830383. Sport Project Swimming is also a member of the Czech Swimming Federation.


We at Sport Project Swimming have recognized that participation in sport and recreational activities benefits all ages and enhances individual well being. A healthy individual is socially productive and participation in physical activities reduces the impact of many social ills.

Our vision

Is to move people of all ages towards a more active lifestyle. Focused on the enjoyment of swimming and encourageing a positive lifestyle with special emphasis on disciplined, personalized and vigorous training we challenge each individual and their limits to achieve accountable results.

Our Mission is also to inspire ambitious individuals to find their personal power in order to become winning recreational or elite athletes. Sport Project Swimming is transparent and applies the highest standards in the practice, and delivery of our services.

Technical Director Luther Jones

Sport Project Swimming was established in 2009 by President Luther Jones. This project is a result of over 30 year journey in the areas of training individuals through sport and physical education with an emphasis on swimming. Luther's approach is one of dedication and perseverance, inspiring and bringing out the best in each of his athletes. He brings with him years of experience not only in swimming but in a variety of other athletic pursuits including boxing, martial arts and cross training. He has worked with many teachers and trainers from around the world including; Tom Groden, Sherman Chavoor, Mike Troy, Remo Sacchi and Bud Winter to name a few.

His approach to coaching has arisen out of this and by critically observing how top elite coaches, leaders and athletes engage and perform he passes this firsthand knowledge onto his students. His focus is on individuals gaining increased awareness to realize their own maximum personal potential with athletic pursuit. He offers high quality training and coaching with passion and commitment giving his students a gift of a lifetime in swimming, athletic perfection through sport and in self mastery.

"Perfection and mastery may be a tedious commitment, with many obstacles, however for those who are willing to go one step above, it also holds many positive adventures. It is a never-ending, constantly changing objective where we strive to be masters over our environment. "This is what I aim to teach my athletes and students; mastery of themselves and over the environment. Finally it is not what you did or do. It is how you do it, did it or plan on doing it."

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