Novy Chabry Swim Team is a year –round-competitive program located in Nove Chabry Prague. Nove Chabry Swimming offers competitive swimming training to all levels of practicing swimmers.

The mission of Nove Chabry is to offer comprehensive swim training for competitive swimmers. For further information please e-mail.





Firstbeat an innovative Finnish sport technology company that has developed a lifestyle solution based on heart rate variability analysis for the measurement of stress, recovery and exercise. Firstbeat solutions can be applied to improve performance and well-being in sports and at work.

The Firstbeat tool provides information that is rich in detail about exercise monitoring, stress assessment and recovery. This information is being used to deliver lifestyle, occupational health and sport performance consultation services.

What is Heart Rate Variability?
HRV is a scientifically tested standard …. In brief HRV measures the heart’s autonomic activity and it defines the variation of the heart rate over the course of the day. Physical or mental exertion causes the heart rate to increase when heart rate increases the variability of the heart decreases. When the body is in a relaxed state and there is minimal physical and mental exertion, the heart rate is slower and the variability of the heart increases. HRV gives sport professionals and alternative to invasive test (lactate, blood sampling) with a wide range of applications.

In simple language HRV can measure chronic stress, overtraining, health disorders and disease; it can also measure the other side, well-being, and a well-balanced lifestyle. The instrument used to measure HRV is either an EKG, halter, “Bodyguard” and heart rate belt.

The image for HRV is normally graphed the graph below shows high variability in heart beat and the graph below shows very low variability. Good Coaches become better coaches when they can answer or attempt to predict physiological and mental trends, to do so tools are needed.

Firstbeat is a tool to help answer the: who, what, where, when and how questions of sport performance.
• How do you test to see exactly if a practice drill gives the identical energy expenditure as a game?
• How do you know if your athlete is working within the guidelines that are requested?
• When is the best time during a training cycle to give your athletes a recovery break?
• How can you teach and show your athlete’s real time; where and when to move more effectively during games, races or matches?
• How can you judge the RECOVERY levels of your athlete during a specific segment of a performance?

Firstbeat Sports and Lifestyle solutions can assist in answering these questions. For team sports Firstbeat can monitor 80 players simultaneously within an area of 400 meters. The Firstbeat Sport system can be aligned with other GPS sport systems or used out of the box.

An important feature of Firstbeat is the patented Bodyguard device that is not real time. The Bodyguard tracks and record’s the beat to beat interval of the heart beat for extended periods of time overnight monitoring is recommended. The Bodyguard analysis is used to report the physiological state of the user.

It will show if the athlete is moving either towards a state of stress (overreaching, overtraining) or if the athlete is in a recovered state. With the patented software solution the sport team can create reports that show trends and chart the movement and shifts of the physiological state.

Firstbeat is a decision making tool that gives sport management real time physiological analysis that shows how an athlete works either during training session or performances. Secondly Firstbeat (the Bodyguard) tracks for stress, overtraining and recovery.

These solutions will help you train and coach better. Regardless of the type of sport, Firstbeat sport solutions helps the team athlete, and the individual athlete plan better and be more effective in training sessions, helps detect periods of overtraining and stress.

When Firstbeat is used in real time with the heart rate monitor it can detect training patterns and trends. When Firstbeat is used overnight or for extended periods of time it detects training load and stress. Decision making based on the beat of your heart Firstbeat is a lifestyle solution.



Traveling – as the days of practicing a discipline (sport/art) add up to months and years - changes occur within our bodies and our minds. If we are practicing our discipline with attention, approach our everyday experiences with an engaged thoughtfulness ( smelling distinct odors and fragrances, seeing patterns develop within our environment, hearing the faintest sounds, tasting the ingredients, feeling what surrounds our bodies, acting without thought to our inner voice) our habits change.
These changes don’t occur over night and the practitioner of the discipline experiences many habitual emotional signals that at one time wasn’t really acknowledged as a training effect such as the tears, laughter, mood shifts; verbal conversations with ourselves, we lose a sense of awareness and time When we start to engage our senses, when we are aware of the shift from mechanical awareness to sensorial awareness we are moving from the technical physical side to the “spiritual” emotional side of training and ourselves.
There in that window we see better, hear better, everything begins to come together to fit better. We train better, socialize better we become more stimulated and dynamic. We are calmer and capable to relax better. If we put all of this together we are in a state of mindfulness. The practitioner is now using the discipline to see (understand life’s nature) the nature of the self.

Practicing a discipline disciplines our inner will to stay in the present tense. Pardon me yes, disciplines our inner will to stay and to be active. The will is active in forcing us to go to practice, to focus on the proper mechanics of the practice, to control our emotions during the practice and to control our biological and physiological functions to name a few.

In time our personal power is affected and we act or can act spontaneously doing a refined skill.

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