Swim Coaching

It is said we should approach new experiences with an unbiased mind.  An unbiased mind is more aware to learn, understand and evaluate experiences.  An old martial art saying relates to a master and student. The master says to the student how can you learn my style when your cup is full.  The student utters master I am trying with all my spirit to learn your style.  The master responds if you come to my trainings with an empty cup. When I pour my tea into your cup you will definitely know it is mine.  If you come to my trainings with the cup half full and I pour my tea into your cup how will you know which tea is mine?

Swim coaching is a highway that has many roads that leads into it a various points. There isn’t one way that is the right way there are many ways to coach swimming. A critical swim coach will question all ways and pick and choose which way suits her current needs and future objectives.  Sport Project Swimming will explore various Swim Coaching practices in this Blog under Swim Coaching.

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