Masters Swimming

Join Sport Project Swimming Masters Swim Program we are training at two  Prague swimming pools.   You can expect individualized training programs, stroke analysis and a friendly environment

For further information Contact  Us  also inquire about our drop in sessions.


Masters swimming is an adult leisure activity that promotes health, and fitness. Masters Swimming is a world wide sport activity that is aimed at both men and women of all ages.  Within Masters Swimming, swimmers can compete in local, National, International and World Championships competitions.  Swimmers are not obliged to compete or participate in competitions.  Swimmers can be a master swimmer solely for social and health purposes. If you are interested in meeting new friends, looking for a social network and you want to pursue a healthy lifestyle masters swimming may be for you.

Masters competitions are structured in 5 years age groups starting from 25 –29.  Competitions are based on swimming ability (time standard).

At Sport Project Swimming we have weekly training sessions .  These training sessions are for the non-competitive and the competitive swimmer

SPSwimming Masters Team.

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Photo courtesy of Saneesh Sukumaran

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