The Start

Body position is an important element in excelling the start.  Proper out of water conditioning exercises are needed to train the body to maintain an aerodynamic line.  This aspect of swim training falls into the same category as ballet or springboard diving.

swim start



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The swimming Start

The start is important for the 50 meters in both the long and short pools. However the dynamics or the training for the start can help you in all aspects of swimming.

Swimming start

swimming start










Let’s take a basic look: Look at the hands note the fingers, elbows, head, upper back, hips, knees, ankles and toes.  Let’s observe angles of the arms, hips, knees and ankles.  Let’s look at the body alignment, the line of the arms in respect to the surface of the water.  The line of the lower leg in respect to the starting block and the surface of the water.

What is this photo telling us about the swimming body? We will attempt to analyze this photo and to recommend specific training activities to enhance the swimming start.  We believe if you enhance the swimming start you enhance your swimming mechanics.

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Going Deeper Swim Coach

Coaching Swimming We had a thought provoking hard training week. My opinion follows: We tend to forget that we train for self not for others. We have forgotten why we are engaging ourselves in the sport of swimming or other practices.  It cannot be for a mark of A or for a pat on the head from our significant others.  We can’t treat the teacher, coach or trainer as our Master or Guru.  The individual, the swimmer has to be the Master, the Guru.  The swimmer is her only judge.  If you want to be good you are being good because you want to be good. Once this is remembered everything becomes easier and training will be only about you and your truthfulness to self.

   “Know Oneself”

-“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”  Coco Chanel

-“Mastery of a practice involves not deceiving oneself about one’s performance and being able to entertain the possibly plural perspectives on the standards of the practice which are immanent to the community constituted by this practice.  Nietzsche stresses truthfulness as integral to self-mastery. Truthfulness is a virtue proper to any practice and that since it is through one’s engagement in certain practices (and not others) that one gives style to one’s character. One cannot be said to have fully mastered a practice unless one has mastered oneself…” David Owen  Nietzsche, Politics and Modernity

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Nove Chabry swimming strength training

Nove Chabry Strength TainingStrength training day – 100 repetition circuit (rows, dumbbell bench press and jump dips).

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